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Dymo vs Brother Label Maker: Which one is the Best for You?


Market for a label maker? Dymo or Brother? Difficult to decide, right? Comparing benefits can help. Dymo is portable and for on-the-go labeling. Whereas, Brother offers more customization. Consider primary use when comparing. Dymo has faster printing speeds and sharper labels. TechGearLab confirms it with Editor’s Choice award. Label makers mundane? No! It’s like choosing between chocolate and vanilla. Both are good, but one suits your taste better.

Dymo and Brother Label Makers

To learn more about Dymo and Brother Label Makers and decide which one is best for you, explore the following sections that showcase the unique features of each brand. Discover the key features of Dymo Label Makers and the stand-out features of Brother Label Makers that set them apart.

Features of Dymo Label Makers

Are you considering buying a Dymo label maker? Here’s an inside look at the features that make it worth your buck!

Fonts & Styles: Dymo label makers offer a wide range of font sizes and styles for ultimate customisation.

Software Integration: Dymo label makers can be integrated with popular applications like Microsoft Office, allowing you to print labels directly from there.

Specialty Labels: You can also print specialty labels with Dymo — such as barcodes, name badges, and postage.

Voice-to-Text Recognition: Recent models have a voice-to-text recognition feature so you can speak and transform your voice recording into typed text.

Pro Tip: Before buying, check which types of labels are compatible with your Dymo label maker. Some printers only accept specific tape widths and materials.

Compatibility with software

Compatibility with Supported Programs

Dymo and Brother have software that makes it easy to print custom labels. Here’s a table that compares the compatibility of their label makers with various programs.

Program Dymo Label Maker Brother Label Maker
Microsoft Word Yes Yes
Excel Yes Yes
QuickBooks Yes* No
Outlook Yes* No

(*extra steps may be needed for full use)

Apart from the programs listed, Dymo and Brother also have mobile apps and online label makers. Plus, they offer lots of models with features like wireless connectivity and flexible label design.

Fun Fact: Brother used to make sewing machines before they ventured into printing and label making. Labeling options so good, even your fancy label-making neighbor will be jealous!

Options for labels

For label makers, Dymo and Brother have lots of choices. Comparing the two brands? Look at a chart and weigh their features. Dymo offers more sizes, up to 24mm wide, while Brother’s P-Touch has fewer choices. But it has labels with adhesive backings that are laminated for outdoor use. Dymo appeals more towards home and small offices, while Brother has higher-quality, durable and high-volume options for industrial use.

Which should you choose? Consider your needs. If you need higher durability, Brother is best. For varying sizing, go with Dymo. Label your world with Brother Label Makers – like having a personal assistant, without the bad attitude!

Features of Brother Label Makers

Label makers and software, the ultimate frenemies – like Batman and the Joker, or Trump and Twitter – Brother Label Makers have come equipped with amazing features to meet professional labelling needs. From customizing layouts by adjusting font sizes, styles and adding graphics or barcodes to labels, to creating durable labels for use in tough environments, these machines offer a range of functionalities.

Moreover, users can create labels with multiple label sizes for folders, cables, inventory items and other applications, as well as support multiple languages for international usage. Additionally, integrating data directly from CSV files and creating batches of automated labels is another feature.

To optimize these functionalities, it is advised to invest in the adequate label-based elements like sturdy stock papers or ribbons.

Compatibility with software

Dymo and Brother label makers can work together with different software programs. They are designed to communicate with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs. In addition to standard office applications, they also connect with Shopify and other specialized applications.

Third-party apps like ShipStation and also let you print shipping labels via leading carriers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Recently, a customer had difficulty setting up his Dymo label maker on his laptop. With help from tech support, he realized he didn’t have the right driver installed. After downloading and installing the correct driver from the company website, he was able to start printing labels in no time.

Get your label game on with these options for Dymo and Brother label makers!

Options for labels

Labelers provide various labeling options. Label makers are great for home, office, school, and warehouse use. They feature different brands and types. Dymo LabelWriter Wireless, Dymo LabelManager 160P, and Dymo LetraTag LT-100H are some of them. Brother PT-D400AD, Brother VC-500W Color Label Printer with Wireless Networking, and Brother PTD600VP P-Touch Electronic Labeling System are also popular.

Font styles & sizes, printing speed/languages, and compatibility with systems and labels are important when choosing a label maker. Comparing label makers helps you pick your favorite!

Comparison of Dymo and Brother Label Makers

To compare Dymo and Brother label makers, you need to consider their design, ease of use, print quality, connectivity, and pricing. In terms of design and build, they have distinct differences that may affect your preference. Ease of use impacts how quickly and easily you can create your labels. Print quality is essential to keep your labels legible. Connectivity determines how you can transfer data to your label maker. Lastly, pricing directly affects your budget and return on investment. Let’s dive into each sub-section to determine which one suits you best.

Design and Build

Brother and Dymo label makers are different in design. Brother’s has smaller size and user-friendly layout, with easy to access functions. Dymo’s machines have bigger buttons, making them simpler to locate and press.

For a detailed comparison of their build and design features, here’s a table:

Brother Dymo
Size Compact, easy to carry Larger, hard to transport
Type of Keyboard QWERTY keyboard, user-friendly Straightforward keyboard with large keys for those with dexterity issues.
Battery lifeLasts longer than Dymo batteriesDymo batteries deplete faster than Brother’s

Brother’s label maker has a memory function that saves up to thirty labels to be reused without re-entering data. It also has PC-connectivity to import fonts from your computer.

If you want something affordable and portable, go for Brother. If you want simple button access, go for Dymo.

A retail store client found that Brother’s label maker printed personalized labels in minutes and was compact-sized to fit anywhere. This showed that design is essential for a product’s functionality.

Labeling is now easier with Dymo and Brother – no more handwritings like back in the 1800s!

Ease of Use

Label Maker User-Friendliness:

Dymo and Brother label makers both offer a user-friendly and intuitive interface. You can easily change font size, style, symbols and printing settings. Plus, their devices provide smooth, professional-quality label printing.

The Brother label maker has a color display for customizing labels. Whereas, Dymo label makers have pre-set templates that make labelling easy for beginners.

Also, both brands have keyboard shortcuts for quickly creating labels on time-sensitive projects. This shows how dedicated they are to providing an ergonomic experience.

To get the best label maker, consider paper width support, battery type, memory capacity and printing options from Dymo or Brother. Investing in one of these will make organizing and documenting easier in today’s frantic world. Get a label maker and you’ll be the envy of your ex!

Print Quality

The precision of text on labels is vital to the success of label makers. When choosing between Dymo and Brother label makers, the consistency and sharpness of the print are significant factors.

In terms of Print Quality, both brands produce clear, high-quality text. Dymo label makers offer various fonts and font sizes, whereas Brother label makers provide more options for symbols and clip-arts customization. Check out the table below for a side-by-side comparison:

Brand Fonts Options Symbol Customization
Dymo Various Limited
Brother Standard & Specialty Fonts Extensive

Brother label makers also provide built-in templates for labeling CDs/DVDs, cables, and wires to save time and keep products consistent.

Here’s an interesting story: one client used a Dymo Label Maker to mark his beehives and jars of honey. Not only did it help him classify different types of honey, but it also looked great! Connecting to your label maker shouldn’t be harder than connecting with your ex on social media.


Label Makers Connectivity! Label makers let users design customized labels for various uses. When choosing between Brother and Dymo label makers, connectivity is a key factor. Both brands offer the option of connecting the label maker to a computer or mobile device, allowing access to stored files and printing from other sources.

Connecting wirelessly through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi gives greater flexibility when printing labels on different devices. Dymo has an app, MobileLabeler, compatible with iOS and Android. Brother has iPrint&Label app for iOS and Android and it works with popular labeling software such as P-touch Editor.

Some models of both brands only offer USB connectivity, which limits the range of devices used for printing. Careful consideration should be taken when deciding which option is best.

Brother usually has more connectivity options than Dymo in its label maker models. This could be beneficial to those who need more options for connecting devices. For example, some Brother Label Makers offer NFC compatibility, not found in Dymo Label Maker models.

Both Brother and Dymo have great label makers for various needs. Choosing which one is based on personal preference. Label makers may be a small investment but not being able to locate your stapler for the third time this week? Priceless!


Considering the cost of Dymo and Brother Label Makers is essential. We can provide insights into pricing with a market research analysis. The table below shows current retail prices for each brand. Prices may vary depending on features and technology.

Brand Price
Dymo $15.99
Brother $19.99

Price is an important factor. But, other factors should be considered too. Market trends often affect shifts in price and technology.

Customer support and warranty should be taken into account. It’s comforting to know it’s there just in case.

Customer Support and Warranty

When selecting between Dymo and Brother label makers, it’s important to consider the customer support and warranty they offer. Both brands provide resources such as user manuals, FAQs and troubleshooting tips on their websites. However, their warranty policies differ according to the model you get. Brother usually offers longer warranties than Dymo.

Plus, Dymo has a good reputation for speedy customer service. If you’re searching for a reliable label maker with expert technical aid, then Dymo’s exceptional customer service is reassuring.

For example, one user of an older Brother label maker model had trouble after a few months of use. After contacting Brother’s support team on the phone, they were pleased with the quick response and helpful advice from the representative. The user was able to solve the issue thanks to their help.

Label-making is a significant choice. So, which will you choose: Dymo or Brother?

Conclusion: Which Label Maker is Best for You?

Searching for the top label maker? Let’s compare two leading brands – Dymo and Brother.

Here’s a table with the main features and specs of both. Use it to pick the one that suits you best:

Brand Max Label Width Printing Speed Connectivity Keyboard Display
Dymo 2.4 inches 53 labels/min USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi QWERTY Color touchscreen LCD
Brother 2.4 inches 93 labels/min USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6 QWERTY Monochrome graphical LCD

Fast printing? Brother’s your go-to. But if you prefer wider connectivity options, or a color touchscreen LCD, then Dymo is a top pick.

Both brands shine in certain areas. For instance, Dymo has a modern design and works with Windows and Mac OS. Brother label makers are renowned for their durability and come with free software tools.

Which one to choose? It depends on your needs and priorities.

Feeling unsure? Don’t be! Our experts will help you find the ideal label maker for you. Get in touch today to get access to exclusive deals and offers!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Dymo and Brother label makers?
Both Dymo and Brother label makers are well-known brands in the market. The main difference between them is the type of labels they use. Dymo label makers use thermal printing technology to create labels, while Brother label makers use both thermal and direct thermal printing.

2. Which brand offers more label options?
When it comes to label options, Dymo offers a wider range of labels than Brother. Dymo label makers can create labels from paper, plastic, fabric, and even heat shrink tubing. Brother label makers, on the other hand, are better suited for creating labels for office and business use.

3. Which label maker is more user-friendly?
Both Dymo and Brother label makers are user-friendly and easy to use. However, Dymo label makers are generally favored for their intuitive interface and ease of use. Many Dymo label makers also come with easy-to-use software for designing labels.

4. What is the price difference between Dymo and Brother label makers?
The price of both Dymo and Brother label makers varies depending on the model and features. However, Brother label makers tend to be slightly more affordable than Dymo label makers.

5. Which label maker has better print quality?
Dymo label makers are known for their high-quality printing and crisp, clear labels. Brother label makers are also known for their good print quality, but may not be as sharp as Dymo labels.

6. Which brand offers better customer support?
Both Dymo and Brother offer excellent customer support services. However, Dymo has been praised for their responsive and helpful customer support team.


After comparing the Dymo and Brother label makers, it is clear that both brands offer high-quality products with similar features. However, Dymo tends to be more user-friendly, with a simpler interface and easier navigation, while Brother offers more advanced customization options and better connectivity.

Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

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