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How to laminate playing cards step by step


How Does a Laminator Work?

This article is about How to laminate playing cards step by step.

Laminating is a process that uses heat and pressure to attach a thin, clear plastic film to one side of a paper item. This process can be used to protect items from dirt, moisture, and abrasion.How to laminate playing cards

The laminating process is also used for playing cards. It protects the cards from dirt and moisture and prevents them from getting bent or dirty.

6 simple steps

How to Laminate Playing Cards with a Laminator

Step 1. Your first step is to determine what size laminating pouch you need. You can choose between 3 and 14 mil thicknesses.

Every machine has a different range of thicknesses. Make sure your margins are even when putting the card in the pouch. It will be much easier to trim the card at the end.

Step 2. You will need to wait for the laminator to warm up for a few minutes.

Step 3. According to the thickness of the pouch you use, you will need to adjust the heat of the machine.

Step 4. Make sure you adjust the pouches and cards properly otherwise you won’t get the best results.

Step 5. Laminating pouches should be fed into the throat of the machine with the crease facing forward. This will produce the best laminating seal.

Step 6. After the back end has completely dried, allow it to cool on the table so that it is completely dry.

Why should you laminate playing cards?

The Benefits of Laminating Playing Cards with a Laminator

The lamination process may be the best way to protect your playing cards from wear and tear. Laminating playing cards is an easy process that will not only make them last longer but will also make them look better and feel smoother in your hands.


Some final words about how to laminate playing cards

Laminating playing cards can be a fiddly process, but it’s worth it in the end. The best way to laminate playing cards is to use a laminator with a pouch.

It is nice that card laminating can be done on pretty much any lamination machine since the width will be enough for your card.

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