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How to unjam a laminator with no reverse button


How to unjam a laminator with no reverse button

This article is about how to unjam a laminator with no reverse button.

A laminator is a device that’s used to fuse multiple sheets of paper together using heat and pressure. 

Laminators come in diverse sizes and shapes but they all serve the same purpose.
A few months ago I bought one of these machines to laminate my marketing materials. I was pretty satisfied with the machine except for one problem. 

The machine kept jamming after a few prints. I paid top dollar for the laminator and I assumed that it didn’t come with an unjam feature. 

I was wrong! This article will teach you how to unjam a laminator with no reverse button.

Have you ever had a jam on your laminator? 

Does the laminator sometimes get jammed when you are laminating something? 

If yes, you may want to know some ways how to unjam a laminator without the reverse button.

The steps to follow

How to unjam a laminator with no reverse button

You can simply unjam you laminator by using the reverse button or jam release lever, But if you are not able to do so follow these steps-

Step1. Try removing the paper tray:

Remove the paper tray from the laminator with a firm grip. 

You can do this by loosening or unscrewing the screw that holds the tray to the base.

To temporarily separate the two plastic parts, use the reverse button on your trusted screwdriver. 

Take the case off the machine and remove the two parts if you can’t do it with the screwdriver.

Step2. Push the sheets through with a piece of paper:

If all else fails, you may have no choice but to use this technique.

Simply take a piece of paper, fold it into a long, narrow tube, and push the sheets of paper through it. 

Ensure that the paper does not fold so that it can be easily inserted and removed.

Step3. Pull the jammed sheets through with a rubberband:

This one is a classic, but it’s still a fave of mine. It’s the oldest technique on this list, and it’s one that I use when I can’t think of a better solution or it’s just too frustrating to think about. 

You can pull a sheet of film through the machine without using the reverse button if you use a rubber band.

Step4. Using scissors, cut off the sheet and begin again:

You might be tempted to use a rubber band to rip it off, but there’s a better way, though it takes a little longer. 

Rather than cutting the paper, use scissors to cut a square inch from the entire sheet. 

Once you’ve finished cutting out the sheet, there are two options for getting it unstuck: squeeze and press. 

It will start releasing if you squeeze down on the sheet. If the sheet is stuck, apply pressure to the fabric to encourage it to come off. This will make it easier for the sheet to be free.

Step5. Remove the tray and fix it with your hands:

Simply undo the tray with your hands if it comes off with the lid. Slowly do so to avoid damaging the machinery.

Video guide on unjamming laminator

How to unjam a laminator with no reverse button

Here’s a video Gadgetexa recommend you to check if these following methods don’t work.

Check this video guide-


How to unjam a laminator with no reverse button

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